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Painting Classes

A Tailor-Made Painting Journey Just for You

Painting Classes That Break the Mold

Your Brush, Your Rules

Forget the cookie-cutter approach. This is about personalized painting classes that hit right where you need them.

We start with YOU

YOUR level,

YOUR goals,

YOUR style.

From day one, it’s tailored to fit what you're looking to achieve in your painting journey.

No generic lessons here.

Just a straightforward, custom-fit plan to develop your skills, challenge your creativity, and refine your technique.

Ready for a painting class that’s actually about you?

Let’s make it happen.

So, what do you really wanna improve here?

You may think...

Oh, I'm passionate about painting, yet I feel my skills aren't there yet.

Portraits call to me, but getting proportions right seems out of reach.

There's so much I aspire to create, but often, it feels like I'm just not enough.

It's time to say, "Enough of 'not enough'."

So, tell me, what's your dream?

Leave the heavy lifting to us (all the technical stuff you need to master to realize your dreams)—after all, we're an Art Academy!

Choose Your Tailor-Made Painting Path

Select your path, mix and match, or switch lanes as often as you like—experiment, settle, or pivot. Our offerings are laid out, primed for your deep dive. Straight to the core of mastering your chosen art form, no unnecessary extras.

No beating around the bush here.

You know what you’re interested in, we provide the expertise and guidance to get you there.

Simple as that.

Portrait Painting

From subtle expressions to intense moods, explore the endless possibilities of portraying the human condition on canvas. If you have a passion for delving into the complexities of the human face, this is the perfect arena for your creativity to thrive.

Madrid Academy of Art double live figure class

Figure Painting

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of figure painting as you explore the intricate beauty of the human form. Hone your skills in capturing body shapes, movements, and anatomy with precision and artistry. Elevate your understanding and appreciation of the human figure as you master the art of figure painting.

Still life painting

Still Life Painting

Transform everyday objects into captivating works of art by mastering the interplay of light, shadow, and composition.

When you hone these skills, you'll discover the beauty in the seemingly mundane, seeing the world in a whole new extraordinary light.

Landscape painting

Landscape Painting

Choose between the serene beauty of nature or the bustling energy of urban landscapes. Discover how to skillfully create captivating scenes with depth, perspective, and atmosphere that will transport the viewer into your artwork.

Cast Painting

Cast Painting

By mastering the art of shading with precision, perfecting your technique, and immersing yourself in the intricate details, you will unlock a whole new level of skill and creativity in your cast painting journey. 

Master copy painting

Master Copy Painting

Through the act of copying their works, you will refine your technique, and gain a deeper understanding of art history. This hands-on approach allows you to delve into the minds of the masters, unraveling the secrets behind their brushstrokes and compositions.

Academia de arte en movimiento

Tailored Adaptation, No Fluff

Right off the bat, we're about cutting through the noise.

We want to know what drives you, what you're aiming to master, or what new territories in art you're eager to chart.

This initial chat isn't just lip service to your dreams; it's a strategic sit-down to map out a personalized game plan that resonates with your goals and current skill set. We're talking about a crafted pathway that starts where you are and stretches to where you want to be, with real, tangible milestones along the way.

Progress on Your Terms, No Clichés

Here, tracking your progress is stripped of any sugar-coating.

We tailor the approach as you evolve, ensuring that every new technique and concept introduced aligns with your actual progress and targets.

It's about keeping it honest, focusing on areas that challenge you while also leveraging your strengths. Expect a dynamic learning experience that shifts and grows with you.

madrid academia de arte - Madrid academy of art
life figure painting

A Tailor-Made Painting Journey Just for You

Our classes go beyond the ordinary; they’re an interactive dialogue between your aspirations and our expertise.

Here, it's not about blindly following orders without understanding the 'why' behind them.

We believe in empowering you with knowledge, not just instructions. Each suggestion or critique comes with a clear explanation, ensuring you know how every piece of advice fits into the larger picture of your artistic development.

Solid Support, Every Step of the Way

Our instructors are here to propel you forward, providing practical guidance and constructive feedback.

Don't expect mindless commands, expect straightforward answers, actionable advice, and creative solutions to the hurdles you face.

It's about having a mentor in your corner who's invested in your growth, ready to offer insights that can transform your approach and elevate your work.

Madrid Academy of Art multifigure live session
Madrid Academy of Art Museum and art gallery

Promoting Your Art

We don't just prepare you to create; we set you up to shine in the art world and beyond. Our comprehensive approach encompasses not only the mastery of painting techniques but also a deep dive into the business and presentation side of art.

We equip you with the know-how to move your art beyond the studio walls, from setting up an exhibition to presenting your work to potential buyers or galleries.

You'll learn the ins and outs of engaging with potential buyers and galleries, understanding the legalities of selling art, and utilizing digital platforms to broaden your reach and impact.

More Than Classes, A Support Network

Joining means becoming part of an active community of artists.

It's a constant exchange of ideas, techniques, and experiences, where feedback is seen as a goldmine for improvement, and collaboration is the norm.

This is where you get to test out new concepts, receive diverse perspectives, and sharpen your artistic intuition in a supportive environment.

Drawing and painting academy
Madrid Academy of Art gallery shows

A Long-term Commitment

Finishing a course is just the beginning.

We provide you with ongoing resources and keep you in the loop with opportunities for continued growth, experimentation, and evolution in your artistic practice.

Whether it's advanced workshops, community projects, or exclusive artist talks, we're committed to supporting your journey well beyond the classroom.

Let's Personalize Your Journey

Customization is our specialty; we adjust everything to fit just right, from the duration and start date of your program to the specific art forms you're eager to explore.

Here's What Happens Next:

  1. Fill Out this Questionnaire: Share your details with us. This is where you'll choose your preferred program, its duration (be it a week, two, three, one month, one term, one year...), and your ideal start date. This is also your chance to tell us about your specific interests—whether it's painting, drawing, or a combination of disciplines you wish to pursue.

  2. We Get in Touch: Once we receive your questionnaire, we'll contact you via WhatsApp at the number you've provided. This conversation allows us to dive deeper into your artistic aspirations. We'll ask further questions to understand exactly what you're looking for, giving you the space to respond and even share any work you've done so far. It's crucial for us not just to know what you aim to achieve but also to grasp what you've accomplished up to this point. This clarity helps us get a sense of where you are and where you want to go.

  3. Proposal Time: After we've gathered all the necessary insights and are confident we can help you reach your goals, you'll receive an email from us outlining your personalized program. This proposal will detail your start and end dates, the hours you'll be dedicating, the specific areas you'll be focusing on, and the total cost.


Thought you knew everything about art classes? Guess again..

Advanced Mastery Classes Await

Advanced Mastery Classes

Specialized Training for Skill Development in Art Professionals

Jumping into Advanced Mastery Classes? Great choice! Here's the straight talk: These classes are your opportunity to dive deeper than ever before. But hey, you've got options. Stick with your regular classes, or take the leap into these specialized ones.

Here’s the Drill:

  • Make a Choice: Continue with your usual classes or opt for these specialized, project-based ones. Can't hop in and out, though—once you're in, you're in. It's about commitment.
  • Project-Based Learning: Each class is a deep dive into a project. You choose, but remember, it’s all or nothing. You're building something from start to finish.
  • Hands-On Every Day: From understanding the market to dissecting anatomy, it's about getting your hands dirty and really seeing what works.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: You're in it together, sharing, learning, and pushing each other forward.
  • No Half Measures: You can explore every area you need, but it’s about sticking with it. Projects mean progress, but only with consistent effort.

It’s about stepping up and sticking with it. These aren’t just classes; they're a commitment to your art, to seeing through a project that could change the game for you. Ready for it? Let’s dive in and see how far you can really push your boundaries.


Marketing and sales

MAA Marketing & Sales

In our "Marketing and Sales" class, it's all about getting hands-on and cutting through the fluff. We're diving straight into what matters—the practical stuff. This isn't about sitting back and nodding along to theories; it's about rolling up your sleeves and really getting to grips with the art world's inner workings.

Here's the Deal:

We're tackling this together, as a group. It's all about understanding the key concepts first, sure, but then we're putting everything into practice. We're going to experiment, see what works and what doesn't, and learn from it all in real time.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Expect lots of practical work. We're going beyond just talking about how things should be done. I'm here to guide you, but you're the one who'll be doing the heavy lifting. You'll be applying what we learn directly to your own art career, step by step, making the necessary moves to market and sell your work effectively.

This class is about empowering you to take control, to understand the steps you need to take, and to actually take them. So, if you're ready to really get down to business and make some waves in your art career, this is where you start. 

Composition in painting

MAA Composition

For the "Composition Class," it's about diving deep into the nuts and bolts of what makes great art tick. This isn't your average Tuesday lecture. We're breaking down composition concept by concept, making sure you get each part before moving on. But here’s the kicker: it’s not just talk.

Here’s What We Do:

We take those concepts and hunt for them in the wild—scouring through various artworks, both classic and contemporary. It’s like a detective game: spotting where these composition principles shine and where they fall flat.

Group Effort, Individual Insight:

This class thrives on group collaboration but also hones in on your individual analysis skills. You'll be looking at art with a critical eye, discussing as a team, and learning to apply these insights to your own work.

Hands-On Learning:

Expect to get really hands-on with this one. We’re all about applying what we learn immediately—seeing for ourselves what works, what doesn’t, and why. It’s a class that’s as practical as it gets, where you’re expected to not just learn the concepts but to work them, inside and out.

So, gear up for a composition class that’s going to challenge you, excite you, and most importantly, equip you with the understanding you need to elevate your art. It’s all about getting those composition skills to a place where they become second nature.

Composition class

MAA On the Shoulders of Giants

In "On the Shoulders of Giants," we're stepping out of the traditional art history class and diving into the real grind behind the genius. This isn't just about dates and schools of art; it's about getting into the nitty-gritty of what made the masters tick.

Here’s the Breakdown:

We'll dissect the technical prowess of legendary painters, uncovering the sweat and tears behind their masterpieces. It's about grounding the myths, seeing beyond the canvas to the real challenges and breakthroughs these artists faced.

The Real Work Behind the Masterpieces:

Expect to dive deep into the frustrations, the environment, and the sheer determination it took for these giants to redefine their art. We're pulling down the myths to see the labor and innovation needed to push boundaries and leave a mark on the art world.

Influence and Evolution:

We'll explore how these artists influenced each other, what techniques were passed down, and how they evolved. It’s about understanding the dynamic web of inspiration, competition, and collaboration that fueled their creativity.

Technical Comparisons:

Get ready for side-by-side comparisons that highlight the technical differences and similarities between the masters. It’s a hands-on look at what worked, what didn’t, and how certain techniques led to breakthroughs or setbacks.

This class is a journey through the trials and triumphs of art's greatest figures, designed to inspire and challenge you. It's about appreciating the giants not just for their final works, but for the journey they embarked on to achieve greatness. Ready to stand on the shoulders of giants and see further?

find your style

MAA Find Yourself

"Find Yourself" is an innovative journey combining individual exploration with collective discovery. This unique class encourages you to delve deep into various aspects of your identity, not just as an artist but as a multifaceted individual. Through personal reflection and creative expression, you'll gather images, styles, quotes, and anything else that resonates with your essence.

Here’s How It Works:

Individually, you'll embark on a quest to piece together your personal mosaic—what ignites your passion, defines your aesthetics, and makes you, you. This isn't limited to art; it's about uncovering your core across different spheres of life.

Group Dynamics:

But there's a twist—the journey doesn't stay solo. You'll share your findings and, in turn, explore your peers' panels. It's a window into diverse perspectives, offering a chance to articulate your discoveries and witness the vast spectrum of inspiration within your group.

The Goal:

The aim is twofold: to gain clarity about who you are and what drives you, and to see how these revelations can enrich your artistic practice. This class is as much about self-discovery as it is about recognizing the potential to weave others' insights into your creative fabric.

The Outcome:

"Find Yourself" promises a profoundly enriching experience, allowing you to not only introspect but also to appreciate the diversity and richness of the perspectives around you. It's about finding your voice while acknowledging the harmony in diversity, potentially incorporating newfound inspirations into your work.

This class is your chance to both find and redefine yourself, pushing the boundaries of your creative identity with the support and inspiration of your peers.

Madrid Academy of Art Anatomy Lessons
madrid academia de arte - Madrid academy of art

MAA Anatomy Mastery

The "Anatomy Mastery" class elevates the study of the human body to an unparalleled level. This is not just a course; it's a deep dive into the very framework of human form—bones, muscles, and how they interconnect to facilitate movement.

Here’s What You’ll Experience:

You'll move beyond mere theory to practical, hands-on learning. By examining various models, you'll trace the lines of muscles and the points of insertion on the body. This exploration is not just about observation; it's about understanding the dynamic nature of human anatomy.

Practical Application:

As you identify and map out these anatomical features, you'll gain insights into what makes movement possible, what works, and what doesn't. The goal is to see the body in motion, to grasp how anatomical elements shift and change in real-time.

Beyond Observation:

The true magic of this class lies in its capacity to transform how you create. With a profound understanding of anatomy, you'll find yourself able to draw from memory, capturing the essence of human movement and form without the need to copy directly from a model.

This class is about unlocking a new level of skill and confidence in your artistic practice. It’s about giving you the tools to not just replicate what you see but to infuse your work with a deep understanding of the human body’s intricate dance of bones and muscles.

MAA Art in Motion

"Art in Motion" takes you on an extraordinary journey into the world of dynamic art creation, hosted within the vibrant energy of a professional dance studio neighbouring the Academy. This practical class is dedicated to mastering the art of capturing movement and gesture through quick, expressive sketches.

Here’s the Essence:

In this class, we step into the rhythm and flow of dancers in action, learning to distil and capture the essence of movement onto paper. It's about honing your ability to simplify what you see, identifying what's crucial in a pose or movement, and translating that into rapid, evocative sketches.

Dynamic Composition:

As you observe multiple dancers moving simultaneously, you'll face the exhilarating challenge of composing scenes with multiple figures in motion. This exercise is not just about capturing a single moment but weaving together a tapestry of movement, energy, and emotion.

Beyond the Surface:

"Art in Motion" also delves deeper, reflecting on the dedication, hard work, and sometimes pain, that dancers endure in their pursuit of excellence. This perspective enriches your artistic practice, bringing a deeper appreciation for the subjects you draw and the stories they tell.

Rhythm and Force:

Visiting the dance studio, we immerse ourselves in the dancers' world, absorbing the rhythm, strength, and sheer force of their performances. This experience transforms not only how we see movement but how we perceive and represent life and energy in art.

"Art in Motion" is more than a drawing class; it's a celebration of movement, an exploration of human resilience and grace, and a lesson in capturing fleeting moments with boldness and sensitivity. Join us to explore the dynamic intersection of visual art and dance, where every sketch tells a story of motion, emotion, and devotion.



Meetups, Networking and Clubs

Far Beyond Traditional Painting Classes

Dive into the vibrant community at Madrid Academy of Art, where our passion for art extends beyond the studio and into the heart of cultural engagement. Our array of clubs and gatherings are not just about networking; they're about enriching your artistic journey with shared experiences and inspiration. Each club offers a unique window into the world of art, inviting you to join discussions, share insights, and connect with fellow art enthusiasts.


painting and composition

MAA Embracing the Journey

Creativity isn't just about the joy of making something new—it's also about facing and conquering the frustrations and fears that come with it. Here, we confront these emotions head-on, in a space where vulnerability is a strength and every challenge is a stepping stone to mastery.

MAA Book Club

MAA Book Club

For the literature aficionados, the MAA Book Club explores the intersection of written word and visual art. Dive into art-themed novels, artist biographies, and critical essays that broaden your understanding and appreciation of art.

film art club

MAA Film Club

A cinematic journey awaits at the MAA Film Club. Here, we screen and discuss films that celebrate art's influence on cinema and culture, from biopics of renowned artists to movies that are a visual feast for the eyes.

Painting Epic Gallery Illustration

MAA Epic Gallery 

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of art that defies convention and sparks the imagination. From the revolutionary narratives of Moebius to the mesmerizing realms imagined by Frank Frazetta, our Epic Gallery invites you to honor the trailblazers while forging your own path in the ever-evolving landscape of digital creativity. Join us on a journey where innovation meets tradition, and where artistic legacies are both honored and redefined.

Visual Library

MAA Visual Gallery

Immerse yourself in the world of art at the MAA Visual Library, where a wealth of references, art catalogs, and visual gems await your exploration. This curated collection serves as a sanctuary for artists and art enthusiasts alike, offering a space to delve into the depths of creativity, unravel the stories behind each masterpiece, and ignite the spark for your next artistic endeavor. Whether you seek to study, uncover hidden gems, or simply draw inspiration, the MAA Visual Library is your ultimate haven for all things art.

Where art meets action

Mix, Mingle, Master

See Art Differently

Gallery, Exhibits, Performances – No Fluff, Just Art

Step into our gallery. It's not just space; it's the pulse of our school. Here, art doesn’t whisper; it speaks loud. Permanent collections, rotating exhibits, live performances – it’s all here. Want art that moves, challenges, and stands out? You got it. We're about showcasing the raw talent and hard work of our students and faculty, plus collaborations that push boundaries. Every visit? A fresh perspective.


From Repin to MAA

The ongoing exhibition "From Repin to Madrid Academy" is a testament to the artistic dialogue between the Repin Academy and our school. Featuring an array of artworks from students, some of whom have taken on the mantle of teaching, the exhibition presents a rich diversity of subjects and media. Visitors can expect to see an impressive range of figures, compositions, and landscapes, rendered in both paint and pencil. The excellence of these works speaks to the rigorous training and deep talent pool fostered at both institutions. This collaboration not only showcases the technical prowess but also the evolving artistic journey of emerging artists. The exhibition continues to draw admiration and is a proud display of the academy's commitment to artistic excellence.

Diversitas Veritatis

The exhibition "Diversitas Veritatis" was a remarkable showcase featuring a lineup of renowned Spanish artists. It was a celebration of diversity and truth through the lens of contemporary art, offering attendees a multifaceted experience. The event drew an impressive crowd, indicative of the vibrant interest in Spain's dynamic art scene. 

Art in Motion

"Art in Motion" was not your usual sit-and-stare kind of show. On January 19th, from 6 pm to 7 pm, our space turned into a stage where art and dance collided in real-time. Artists grabbed their sketchpads as dancers brought every canvas to life with their moves. It was an hour where the only rule was there are no rules – just raw, spontaneous creation.


Real Stories, Real Success

From Our Artists' Journeys to Yours

Dive into the heart of our community with these genuine testimonials from our artists. Each story is a snapshot of growth, challenge, and triumph, showcasing the transformative power of our classes. Here, you’ll find not just feedback, but real-life tales of artistic evolution and achievement.

Beyond Technical Skills

Discover how our teachers guide you not just in art, but also in life as artists.

Rapid and Notable Progress

Hear how our students are amazed at how much they can learn in such a short time.

A Clear Path to Success

Learn how our teachers help you move towards your artistic goals effectively.

“I would recommend the program, but not to everyone. Because I think it’s a lot of work, a lot of time and it’s also money. I would only recommend it to people who are passionate about something. Because otherwise it is wasting it, if you go with the intention of spending time, well, you have many other places to do it…”


“There are people who have so much fun that they don’t want someone else to be involved in that process. Because in the end, if you let yourself be guided by another person, sometimes it is not a fun thing. It is not: “how beautiful this painting has been!”. That process is a lot of suffering too and not everyone would be willing…”


“I would not recommend it to anyone because you have to really like figuration, portraiture, everything that is the human being and be willing to be taught. There are people who don’t pay attention. They are people who do not like the human figure, for example, and prefer to combine colors in a landscape, they have fun with it and they are not interested in anything else…”


They teach you a lot to focus on a goal. To break your limits, to have patience, to have humility to learn from others, so that others can teach you. And all of these are fundamental personal qualities in life. Very satisfying for me on a personal level, finally having found this place to fully develop myself…”


“There is a clear methodology. They know where you want to go. They know how to guide you there. It is very personalized and that is always appreciated. It is not a typical academy where they teach you four things and have a group level. They care about you, personally, that you reach the level of perfection that you are looking for and that you need…”


“The self-taught option is viable depending a little on your way of being. I think that if you are demanding with yourself it is a good tool. Only that all human beings tend to the comfortable. I myself, for example, was hitting me like blows. I started with painting, I realized that I wasn’t going that way. I went back and resumed drawing. I went much further back, until I started at the beginning, because I understood that it was a process that started from one place and you couldn’t start halfway…”


“I’m sure it’s more difficult because you’re going to make a lot more mistakes and it’s going to take longer to specify an address and a path, and you’re going to waste time and probably get somewhere, but you’re going to arrive later and more tired. The MAA program is much more direct than anything else I can find right now…”


“Until a certain point. When you find a limit. Like the conversation I had with the teacher the other day. He told me: “I see that you are reaching a limit and you say, well this is it, and what I do is push you further, against that limit so that you cross it”. I think that you need someone to do it, you are not going to do it. When they teach you what is logical, what is the path, you already know that it is there…”



“(OTHERS ACADEMIES) At the painting level, they were based on copying photographs, one after another. It also limited your own creativity. Because it gave me the feeling that they taught you how to fly, but without ever taking off, always on the runway. So I wanted to take off. When do we take off? When do you teach me to develop my creativity, my imagination, to do something without limits? If I imagine a scene from a certain place, through a composition, I can do it. Whether it’s because of the knowledge of anatomy, drawing itself, even models, sculpture, anything that doesn’t limit you. It always seemed very rare to me…”


“It’s a lot of money and obviously not everyone can afford it. And I feel quite privileged to be able to pay for it and thus be able to maintain a normal life, without luxuries, but normal. And it’s not expensive. The service as such, the new facilities, the hours you can have a day with a model, if you attend in the morning and in the afternoon… You can’t find that anywhere. You can find similar things, but not everything in one place, it’s not expensive, I think it’s very good…”


I like that teachers comment, not only what is done in the academy, but what they do outside, the paintings they do personally, the processes… that they speak to you beyond the drawings and paintings, that they speak to you of the life as artists, how they see it. It is super interesting because they are now paving the way and it gives you clues as to how you can do it in the future…”



“I know people who also like art, obviously friends of mine, but I think it wouldn’t work for everyone. It all depends on how you approach art. There are people who just like art as a way to blow off steam or relax. A friend of mine, for example, tells me: “I really like painting because I relax a lot”. And I say to him: “And how do you relax?” (laughing)… “but it’s a pain” (keep laughing) “I don’t get this part, review it, do it again…”


“I would recommend it to someone who is very clear that they want to dedicate themselves to this, to be an artist, painter, sculptor… and to people of Fine Arts who like technique…”


“I need to work to pay for this and apart from taking a lot of time from where I can to be able to come. And dedicating all that time to it is not easy. As I have a personal situation where I don’t have children, that makes it easier for me to be able to dedicate time to this…”


“I like one thing about the school that I haven’t found before. Have a clear methodology. Because what I have found so far is spending a lot of time on an activity in which you do not notice that you are making progress. You can be there for years and years and you don’t advance. I have met people who have spent more than 20 years painting photographs and in the end they don’t know how to do anything else. It leads nowhere…”


“I like communication with the teacher. I think they adapt well to the student. Not only at their level, but how they address the student. From my experience, they arrive, they go well with what they tell you. I get home and listen to the teacher in my head repeating technical aspects to me. And I think that happens because they do it well. Because they are very flexible. Because they do not treat all students in the same way. Which is what has been happening to me all my life. And here they go at your own pace. Here is work and support…”


"The time you dedicate to it is to achieve a goal that they have clear. And if you have fulfilled it and you have fulfilled it well, because they are very demanding, a door opens to the next phase. Then you see that you are moving towards something…


“Because of my way of being self-demanding, I went looking for a bit of that knowledge that I lacked and dedicated time to it. What’s up? That one is aware that when you dedicate time to something certain, there are things that you like more than others and I lacked that discipline and I left things aside. It was easier to draw pictures while watching TV because it is less tiring, on the one hand, it has its advantages, but on the other, its drawbacks…”


“Normally in others academies they do not give the importance to the drawing that it deserves. Broadly speaking, I have found training centers where people went more to meet other people, to hang out, to develop that hobby, to do something successful, beautiful, that they could teach their friends. But they didn’t have that restlessness or that hunger to perfect themselves, this academies focused more on not frustrating people too much and not losing extra income…”


“Depends on what is expensive for you, indeed it is expensive, but if you really have a dream… how expensive is it to fulfill it? For example, there are people who pay a lot of money for a home that is not going to give them as much satisfaction as the time one spends here drawing, painting, sculpting, it depends on your preference, on what makes you happy…”


“In the academy where I was, I told them about the possibility of taking models to work from life. And they told me that if they began to bring models to paint from life, the students would get frustrated, they would not want to continue and they would want to leave…”


“It requires you to have some savings, to have an economic cushion, even if you need to leave your job for a while to be able to support yourself with those savings. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it because it’s not money wasted by the academy. Because they do care about the training of people, about the teachers they bring, about the facilities, it is something serious and professionalism has to be paid for…



Do you have doubts? Don't worry, we all do!

We know that when it comes to your artistic training, you can have a lot of questions spinning in your head. What are the workshops like? What services do we offer? How can I get the most out of it?

That's why we've created this Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs, for friends) section. Here you will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most. It's like a treasure map, but instead of leading you to a chest full of gold, it leads you to a chest full of knowledge.

And if after reading our FAQs, you still have doubts, don't worry. We are here to help you. So don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We will be delighted to help you clear any cloud of doubt you may have!

What does a good art academy really do?

A good art academy will know you like a grandfather knows his favorite grandson. They will carefully assess your current level and then devise the most effective plan for you to become the best artist before you know it. Part of your plan should include regular reviews to make sure you're progressing at the perfect rate and getting the results you want.

We do all of that, but unlike other academies, the MAA team isn't just focused on maintaining that perfect balance. Our goal is to challenge you, we will push you until you reach your limits and then we will push you some more to break that limit. We don't let you settle for less than the best.

Who can participate in Madrid Academy of Art programs?

MAA programs are designed for any student interested in improving their technical skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Do you want to improve your skills and master all the technical knowledge? We can work with you.

Do you understand that creating a work of art will require hard work from you? We can work with you.

Are you willing to go through the process for each technique, and practice them until you've mastered them? We can work with you.

Are the programs only for advanced students or also for beginners?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced artist. Our students range from beginning artists with no prior art experience to advanced artists with several years of experience.

Our instructors are trained to adapt teaching to the individual needs of each student.

What prior training do I need to study at the academy?


No art degree needed

No previous experience is needed

No special qualifications needed

No trick needed

We will assess your level and work with you from there.

How long do the workshops last?

You can enroll for a minimum of 1 week and work up to 5 years if you want to complete the program.

So it's totally up to you!

Are the programs taught in Spanish or English?

Programs are primarily taught in English, but many of our instructors are bilingual and can provide instructions in Spanish if needed.

Do the programs focus only on drawing and painting or are other forms of art covered as well?

Our programs mainly focus on drawing, painting and sculpting but we also incorporate elements from other art forms when relevant to the theme of the program.

What is the student to instructor ratio in the workshops?

We strive to maintain a low student to instructor ratio to ensure that each student receives individualized attention.

Do the workshops include independent study time or just directed instruction?

Our programs combine directed instruction with independent study time to allow students to practice and apply what they have learned.

Do the programs include critiques or reviews of student work?

Yes, the programs include critique sessions where instructors provide constructive feedback on student work.

Do students receive a certificate at the end of the program?

Yes, students receive a certificate from the Madrid Academy of Art at the end of the program.

Where are the programs held?

The programs are carried out at our facilities at Avenida Manoteras 22 Local 67, Madrid.

How much do the programs cost?

Workshop costs vary depending on the length and content of the program.

You can invest as much time and money as you want, the choice is entirely yours.

You can do from 1h3omin per week up to 47 hours per week.

And our prices range between €70 and €1000 per month.

Call us (+34 679 49 29 15) and if you are eligible to do the program, we will find the perfect plan that fits both your goals and your budget.

We'll dig into how much time and money you can invest and create a tailor-made curriculum that gives you the best value for money.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us (+34 679 49 29 15). We will be happy to help you.