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Summer Intensive

July, August and/or September
Russian Drawing

*3 month (11 weeks) - 745€ per month

*2 Months (8 weeks) - 923€ per month

*1 Month (4 weeks) - 995€

  • LANGUAGE English or Spanish

  • SCHEDULE Monday to Friday from 9am-2pm (25h per week)

  • EXTRA 50% of the time working with live model

  • DURATION From 1 month (minimum registration period) to 3 months


Professional artists, semi-professional artists, and art students who want to improve their technical skills

At last! The new way to perfect your drawing and painting skills in just one summer, GUARANTEED! Even if you are working full-time or studying at a university or art school.



Are you tired of not being able to get your ideas onto paper or canvas the way you want?

Tired of feeling that your technical skills are not up to par with your creativity?

Are you looking for ways to perfect your technical skills more quickly?

At Madrid Academy of Art, we help artists like you perfect their skills in the shortest possible time.

In recent years, we've shown hundreds of artists how to easily perfect their technical skills without years of hard work and trial and error.

We have achieved impressive results for ourselves and our students, and we can do the same for you.

Just follow our success plan and you'll avoid the common frustration of not seeing progress in your work!

Perfecting your technical skills can be much easier than you think.

Many artists simply don't know the right steps to follow, which takes them much longer than necessary.

We've done all the hard work for you, so all you need to do is follow our step-by-step plan and you'll perfect your technical skills in no time.

Not only will you save time.

When you closely follow our advice, you'll also achieve much better results than you could achieve on your own.



Here's a brief overview of what we'll cover in your FREE 30-minute consultation...

  • WARNING: You could be at serious risk of not perfecting your technical skills

    Are you making the common mistake of not practicing regularly? Bad idea! We'll show you why this is a BIG mistake and how it puts you at risk of not perfecting your technical skills.

  • The proven strategies we've used to perfect our technical skills

    We will reveal the bulletproof strategies we have used to consistently perfect our technical skills and those of our students over the past few years.

  • The devastating mistakes made by virtually all artists

    Almost all artists seeking to perfect their technical skills make these common but fatal mistakes: discover what they are so you can avoid them.

  • 3 simple tips to perfect your technical skills quickly

    These strategies can help you perfect your technical skills YEARS faster than you ever thought possible.

  • The old myths and outright lies told by the art industry

    Many people still believe these old wives' tales and dirty lies told by the art industry: find out what they are so you can protect yourself.


80% of artists will never perfect their skills without the right help

Unfortunately, 80% of artists will never perfect their skills. It's not their fault, they just haven't been taught the correct way to perfect their technical skills. But it doesn't have to be like this for you.

We can show you exactly what we did to perfect our skills and how our students were able to achieve equally impressive results, using the same strategies. Book your consultation today to see how you can achieve a similar result, and do it much faster than you ever thought possible.

Save weeks of costly trial and error by using our plan to perfect your technical skills

Why waste weeks struggling on your own, trying to figure things out for yourself?

You can save this time and get a much better result when you get our expert advice and use our plan to perfect your technical skills. It's like a shortcut that gives you several major benefits.

Are you ready to perfect your technical skills in the shortest possible time? To have more time to enjoy your passion without the weeks of hard work that usually take? Then request your free consultation while you still can.


Success Stories of Our Students

Discover how our Summer Intensive Program has transformed the artistic trajectory of our students.

Beyond Technical Skills

Discover how our teachers guide you not just in art, but also in life as artists.

Rapid and Notable Progress

Hear how our students are amazed at how much they can learn in such a short time.

A Clear Path to Success

Learn how our teachers help you move towards your artistic goals effectively.

“I would recommend the program, but not to everyone. Because I think it’s a lot of work, a lot of time and it’s also money. I would only recommend it to people who are passionate about something. Because otherwise it is wasting it, if you go with the intention of spending time, well, you have many other places to do it…”


“There are people who have so much fun that they don’t want someone else to be involved in that process. Because in the end, if you let yourself be guided by another person, sometimes it is not a fun thing. It is not: “how beautiful this painting has been!”. That process is a lot of suffering too and not everyone would be willing…”


“I would not recommend it to anyone because you have to really like figuration, portraiture, everything that is the human being and be willing to be taught. There are people who don’t pay attention. They are people who do not like the human figure, for example, and prefer to combine colors in a landscape, they have fun with it and they are not interested in anything else…”


They teach you a lot to focus on a goal. To break your limits, to have patience, to have humility to learn from others, so that others can teach you. And all of these are fundamental personal qualities in life. Very satisfying for me on a personal level, finally having found this place to fully develop myself…”


“There is a clear methodology. They know where you want to go. They know how to guide you there. It is very personalized and that is always appreciated. It is not a typical academy where they teach you four things and have a group level. They care about you, personally, that you reach the level of perfection that you are looking for and that you need…”


“The self-taught option is viable depending a little on your way of being. I think that if you are demanding with yourself it is a good tool. Only that all human beings tend to the comfortable. I myself, for example, was hitting me like blows. I started with painting, I realized that I wasn’t going that way. I went back and resumed drawing. I went much further back, until I started at the beginning, because I understood that it was a process that started from one place and you couldn’t start halfway…”


“I’m sure it’s more difficult because you’re going to make a lot more mistakes and it’s going to take longer to specify an address and a path, and you’re going to waste time and probably get somewhere, but you’re going to arrive later and more tired. The MAA program is much more direct than anything else I can find right now…”


“Until a certain point. When you find a limit. Like the conversation I had with the teacher the other day. He told me: “I see that you are reaching a limit and you say, well this is it, and what I do is push you further, against that limit so that you cross it”. I think that you need someone to do it, you are not going to do it. When they teach you what is logical, what is the path, you already know that it is there…”



“(OTHERS ACADEMIES) At the painting level, they were based on copying photographs, one after another. It also limited your own creativity. Because it gave me the feeling that they taught you how to fly, but without ever taking off, always on the runway. So I wanted to take off. When do we take off? When do you teach me to develop my creativity, my imagination, to do something without limits? If I imagine a scene from a certain place, through a composition, I can do it. Whether it’s because of the knowledge of anatomy, drawing itself, even models, sculpture, anything that doesn’t limit you. It always seemed very rare to me…”


“It’s a lot of money and obviously not everyone can afford it. And I feel quite privileged to be able to pay for it and thus be able to maintain a normal life, without luxuries, but normal. And it’s not expensive. The service as such, the new facilities, the hours you can have a day with a model, if you attend in the morning and in the afternoon… You can’t find that anywhere. You can find similar things, but not everything in one place, it’s not expensive, I think it’s very good…”


I like that teachers comment, not only what is done in the academy, but what they do outside, the paintings they do personally, the processes… that they speak to you beyond the drawings and paintings, that they speak to you of the life as artists, how they see it. It is super interesting because they are now paving the way and it gives you clues as to how you can do it in the future…”



“I know people who also like art, obviously friends of mine, but I think it wouldn’t work for everyone. It all depends on how you approach art. There are people who just like art as a way to blow off steam or relax. A friend of mine, for example, tells me: “I really like painting because I relax a lot”. And I say to him: “And how do you relax?” (laughing)… “but it’s a pain” (keep laughing) “I don’t get this part, review it, do it again…”


“I would recommend it to someone who is very clear that they want to dedicate themselves to this, to be an artist, painter, sculptor… and to people of Fine Arts who like technique…”


“I need to work to pay for this and apart from taking a lot of time from where I can to be able to come. And dedicating all that time to it is not easy. As I have a personal situation where I don’t have children, that makes it easier for me to be able to dedicate time to this…”


“I like one thing about the school that I haven’t found before. Have a clear methodology. Because what I have found so far is spending a lot of time on an activity in which you do not notice that you are making progress. You can be there for years and years and you don’t advance. I have met people who have spent more than 20 years painting photographs and in the end they don’t know how to do anything else. It leads nowhere…”


“I like communication with the teacher. I think they adapt well to the student. Not only at their level, but how they address the student. From my experience, they arrive, they go well with what they tell you. I get home and listen to the teacher in my head repeating technical aspects to me. And I think that happens because they do it well. Because they are very flexible. Because they do not treat all students in the same way. Which is what has been happening to me all my life. And here they go at your own pace. Here is work and support…”


"The time you dedicate to it is to achieve a goal that they have clear. And if you have fulfilled it and you have fulfilled it well, because they are very demanding, a door opens to the next phase. Then you see that you are moving towards something…


“Because of my way of being self-demanding, I went looking for a bit of that knowledge that I lacked and dedicated time to it. What’s up? That one is aware that when you dedicate time to something certain, there are things that you like more than others and I lacked that discipline and I left things aside. It was easier to draw pictures while watching TV because it is less tiring, on the one hand, it has its advantages, but on the other, its drawbacks…”


“Normally in others academies they do not give the importance to the drawing that it deserves. Broadly speaking, I have found training centers where people went more to meet other people, to hang out, to develop that hobby, to do something successful, beautiful, that they could teach their friends. But they didn’t have that restlessness or that hunger to perfect themselves, this academies focused more on not frustrating people too much and not losing extra income…”


“Depends on what is expensive for you, indeed it is expensive, but if you really have a dream… how expensive is it to fulfill it? For example, there are people who pay a lot of money for a home that is not going to give them as much satisfaction as the time one spends here drawing, painting, sculpting, it depends on your preference, on what makes you happy…”


“In the academy where I was, I told them about the possibility of taking models to work from life. And they told me that if they began to bring models to paint from life, the students would get frustrated, they would not want to continue and they would want to leave…”


“It requires you to have some savings, to have an economic cushion, even if you need to leave your job for a while to be able to support yourself with those savings. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it because it’s not money wasted by the academy. Because they do care about the training of people, about the teachers they bring, about the facilities, it is something serious and professionalism has to be paid for…


Our Weekly Schedule

Dive into a structured yet flexible program designed to refine your skills in figure, portrait, and more.

Monday to Thursday

1st session

Live Model (Figure or portrait)
  • Class Duration: 2.5 hours.
  • Session Structure: Initial 25-minute sessions with 5-minute breaks for the model.
    • First 25-minute session: Short poses.
    • Remaining time: One long pose lasting the entire week, possibly extending up to three weeks.
  • Daily Routine: Figure studies in the morning, portrait sessions in the afternoon or vice versa.
  • Model Diversity: Both male and female models of various races and ages.

Monday to Thursday 

2nd Session

Personalized Focus

Students work on areas identified as needing improvement, either self-identified or as advised by instructors.

  • Cast Drawing/Painting: Focused practice on casts to refine understanding of forms and shadows.
  • Still Life Drawing/Painting: Emphasis on arrangement, composition, and the interplay of light and color.
  • Master Copies in Drawing/Painting: Replicating works of masters to learn techniques and styles.
  • Landscape Drawing/Painting: Techniques in capturing outdoor scenes, focusing on either drawing or painting.


1st Session

Personalized Focus

Students work on areas identified as needing improvement, either self-identified or as advised by instructors.

  • Cast Drawing/Painting: Focused practice on casts to refine understanding of forms and shadows.
  • Still Life Drawing/Painting: Emphasis on arrangement, composition, and the interplay of light and color.
  • Master Copies in Drawing/Painting: Replicating works of masters to learn techniques and styles.
  • Landscape Drawing/Painting: Techniques in capturing outdoor scenes, focusing on either drawing or painting.


2nd Session

Anatomy in Depth

Our intensive anatomy class, designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the human form through a variety of dynamic and interactive methods:

  • Clay Modeling: Sculpt anatomical structures with plastilina to understand form and function.
  • Drawing Sessions: Practice sketching from live models, skeletons, and anatomical diagrams.
  • Skeleton Studies: Study from actual or replica skeletons to gain insights into bone structure.
  • Live Demonstrations: Watch and learn from real-time demonstrations by experienced instructors.
  • Anatomy Apps: Utilize cutting-edge apps to explore detailed anatomical views.
  • Book Learning: Dive into classic and contemporary texts for a theoretical understanding.

What exercises will you be working on?

At the Madrid Academy of Art, we believe that art is an intimate conversation between the artist and their work. It's a journey of self-discovery, passion, and expression.

Our approach is rooted in tradition, but with an eye towards the future, combining classic techniques with a contemporary understanding.

Here, we don't just teach you to draw, paint, or sculpt; we guide you on a journey to find your unique voice in the vast world of art.

Below, we present a detailed description of the exercises you will tackle in this workshop, meticulously designed to reflect our philosophy and help you grow as an artist.



  • Drawing I: You will learn to capture the essence of your subject through the Bargue Reed Drawing method. This technique will allow you to understand the proportions and basic anatomy of the portrait and the human figure, using short and long poses. Additionally, you will delve into initial atmospheric drawing and artistic anatomy at the beginner level.
  • Drawing II: As you progress, you will face more complex challenges. You will immerse yourself in advanced plaster drawing, portraits, and figures in more challenging poses, and beginner-level multi-figure compositions. Furthermore, you will explore drawing figures from imagination and expressive and gestural drawing techniques.
  • Drawing III: Here, you will take your skills to the next level. You will work on portraits and figures in advanced poses, multi-figure compositions, and advanced artistic anatomy. Additionally, you will learn to draw figures from imagination at an advanced level and incorporate expressive and gestural drawing techniques.


  • Painting I: You will start with grisaille techniques, learning to paint from plaster models, figures in short and long poses, and still lifes. As you become familiar with these techniques, you will be introduced to the limited palette and painting master copies, as well as landscape painting.
  • Painting II: Here, you will delve deeper into the limited palette, working on figures, portraits, and still lifes. You will also explore plein air painting and atmospheric painting techniques.
  • Painting III: At this advanced level, you will work with a full palette, tackling more sophisticated and challenging techniques. From painting figures in advanced poses to multi-figure compositions and urban landscapes, this level will prepare you to take your art to the next level.

Do you have doubts? Don't worry, we all do!

We know that when it comes to your artistic training, you can have a lot of questions spinning in your head. What are the workshops like? What services do we offer? How can I get the most out of it?

That's why we've created this Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs, for friends) section. Here you will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most. It's like a treasure map, but instead of leading you to a chest full of gold, it leads you to a chest full of knowledge.

And if after reading our FAQs, you still have doubts, don't worry. We are here to help you. So don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We will be delighted to help you clear any cloud of doubt you may have!

What does a good art academy really do?

A good art academy will know you like a grandfather knows his favorite grandson. They will carefully assess your current level and then devise the most effective plan for you to become the best artist before you know it. Part of your plan should include regular reviews to make sure you're progressing at the perfect rate and getting the results you want.

We do all of that, but unlike other academies, the MAA team isn't just focused on maintaining that perfect balance. Our goal is to challenge you, we will push you until you reach your limits and then we will push you some more to break that limit. We don't let you settle for less than the best.

Who can participate in Madrid Academy of Art programs?

MAA programs are designed for any student interested in improving their technical skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Do you want to improve your skills and master all the technical knowledge? We can work with you.

Do you understand that creating a work of art will require hard work from you? We can work with you.

Are you willing to go through the process for each technique, and practice them until you've mastered them? We can work with you.

Are the programs only for advanced students or also for beginners?

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced artist. Our students range from beginning artists with no prior art experience to advanced artists with several years of experience.

Our instructors are trained to adapt teaching to the individual needs of each student.

What prior training do I need to study at the academy?


No art degree needed

No previous experience is needed

No special qualifications needed

No trick needed

We will assess your level and work with you from there.

How long do the workshops last?

You can enroll for a minimum of 1 week and work up to 5 years if you want to complete the program.

So it's totally up to you!

Are the programs taught in Spanish or English?

Programs are primarily taught in English, but many of our instructors are bilingual and can provide instructions in Spanish if needed.

Do the programs focus only on drawing and painting or are other forms of art covered as well?

Our programs mainly focus on drawing, painting and sculpting but we also incorporate elements from other art forms when relevant to the theme of the program.

What is the student to instructor ratio in the workshops?

We strive to maintain a low student to instructor ratio to ensure that each student receives individualized attention.

Do the workshops include independent study time or just directed instruction?

Our programs combine directed instruction with independent study time to allow students to practice and apply what they have learned.

Do the programs include critiques or reviews of student work?

Yes, the programs include critique sessions where instructors provide constructive feedback on student work.

Do students receive a certificate at the end of the program?

Yes, students receive a certificate from the Madrid Academy of Art at the end of the program.

Where are the programs held?

The programs are carried out at our facilities at Avenida Manoteras 22 Local 67, Madrid.

How much do the programs cost?

Workshop costs vary depending on the length and content of the program.

You can invest as much time and money as you want, the choice is entirely yours.

You can do from 1h3omin per week up to 47 hours per week.

And our prices range between €70 and €1000 per month.

Call us (+34 679 49 29 15) and if you are eligible to do the program, we will find the perfect plan that fits both your goals and your budget.

We'll dig into how much time and money you can invest and create a tailor-made curriculum that gives you the best value for money.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us (+34 679 49 29 15). We will be happy to help you.