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Visa Application

Everything you need to know about the visa application procedure

Student Visa Service

Let us get your student visa for you
We collaborate with a immigration advisory company that is in charge of managing the entire visa process at very affordable prices. If you are interested in getting your visa with them, let us know so we can put you in contact.


Estimated time: 45m. Any type of consultation in person or by video call. This amount would be deducted from future procedures.

Student Visa

It would apply to enrolled students who have entered Spain without a study visa. Time limit for presentation: 60 days from the entry into Spain. Requirements: Full Passport, Criminal Record Certificate, Private Medical Insurance, Health Certificate, Economic Means and Matriculation. Police fees (taking fingerprints) €16.08


Applies to students who have entered Spain with a visa and assigned NIE and must go to the Police to request the corresponding card. Time limit for presentation: 30 days from entry into Spain. Requirements: Passport, Registration, 1 Photo, forms and fee. Police fee (taking fingerprints) €16.08 (if it includes accompaniment €91)

Visa Extension

It would be applied to enrolled students who have had a prior authorization to stay for studies. Time limit for presentation: from 60 days before to 90 days after the expiration of the previous permit. Requirements: Passport, Private Medical Insurance, Economic Means and Certificate of Achievement and new Registration. Police fees (taking fingerprints) €16.08. Immigration fees €17.49

Student Visa

Do it yourself
In this brief guide you will find everything you need to know before your arrival in Spain and all the administrative procedures that must be carried out beforehand, as well as all those that we are going to carry out during our study stay in Spain. Most of the processes are simplified and the Public Administrations in Spain provide us with support for each and every one of them with a personalized attention service to the student. To speed up the process it is very important that you follow the entire process as explained and in case of doubt remember that we are at your disposal to offer you support. The purpose of this guide is that it becomes your pocket companion only on those days when you are going to carry out the corresponding administrative procedures and have at your fingertips all the information prior to carrying out the procedure. This allows us to go with the necessary documentation and not spend more time than absolutely necessary.


Those non-EU citizens who intend to study in Spain must regularize their legal situation, depending on the duration of their stay.


Stays of up to three months

1) The European Directive CE No. 539/2001 of March 15 includes in its Annex II the countries whose nationals are exempt from the obligation to apply for a visa for stays of up to three months. These must comply with the legal requirements contained in article 5 of the Schengen Code, and in case they need to extend their stay, they can request it for a maximum of three more months (for more information consult the information sheet of the ministry 02) .

2) The European Directive CE No. 539/2001 of March 15, 2001 includes in its Annex I the countries whose nationals must be in possession of a stay visa (type C) to enter the Schengen Area . For more information see here

Stays of up to six months

There are visas (type D) for studies that allow you to stay in Spain for periods of up to 180 days. This type of visa does not allow processing the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE).

Stays longer than six months

Those citizens who are willing to carry out study stays in Spain for more than six months must apply for an open type D study visa. This type of visa is valid for three months and you have one month from entering the Schengen Area to apply for the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE). For more information see here.

The TIE is a temporary stay authorization valid during the study stay in Spain. The authorization is granted for a maximum of one academic year and is renewed annually, provided that the studies have not been completed and the good use of the previous year is accredited. The document is the title that accredits the holder’s legal right to remain in the country.

Upon entering the European Union, you have a maximum of 30 calendar days to start the application process for the Authorization to Stay for Studies. For this, it is essential to keep the plane tickets (boarding pass) or obtain the entry stamp for the European Union in the passport when going through customs.

The visa can be requested at the Consulate or Embassy of Spain closest to your location. Important: once in Spain, it is not possible to change your visa. The only valid visa is the one that the non-European international obtains at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate before coming.

Non-EU students who have been admitted to carry out or extend their studies in another Member State of the European Union may request to study or complete part of their studies in Spain, not requiring a visa.

The Authorization to Stay for Studies must be requested, which can be presented before entering Spain at the Consular Office of Spain where the foreigner resides or after entering Spain, within a month from the same, at the Office of Immigration of Madrid. It will be presented personally by the student.

Important note: all foreign public documents must be previously legalized and, where appropriate, must be translated into Spanish or the co-official language of the territory where the application is submitted.

Lost or stolen visa

If you have lost your visa, you must send a copy of the lost or stolen report (preferably in Spanish or English) by fax to:

visa section
C/Ruiz de Alcorcon, 5
Fax: 91 394 86 67/69

You must include your personal details, an address to which you would like your visa confirmation to be sent, and an email address if you would like a copy of this confirmation to be sent to you.



If you are a student from outside the European Union (EU), to legally stay in Spain for more than 90 days, you must obtain a study permit, which will authorize you to stay in Spain for the duration of your studies. You can also travel if you wish within the EU and the countries that have signed agreements with Spain or the EU for the free movement of people.

Procedures to be carried out for your study stay:

Before arriving in Spain, you have to process the “student visa” at the Spanish consulates in your country of origin or legal residence. You can consult the corresponding consulate on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You have all the information you need in the Citizen Service section. There you will find your consulate by displaying the “Embassies and Consulates” tab.


To process the visa you need, among other documents, to prove that you have been accepted in a study program at the Madrid Academy of Art.

This accreditation must be requested from:

The administration team ( once the reservation payment has been made. It is very important that the visa is for studies (type D). Any other type of visa does not give the right to the subsequent processing of the Foreigner Identity Card.

Important: Keep in mind that the student visa is only valid to study at the Training Center where you have applied to be admitted and for the time established in the acceptance letter. In this way, if after having obtained your visa you decide to study in a different educational institution, contact the diplomatic mission or Spanish consulting office in your country of residence to make sure of the steps

General requirements to process a student visa (check with the embassy corresponding to each country):


  • Valid passport or travel document . It must be valid for the period for which the stay is requested.
  • Official national visa application form . This document must be submitted in duplicate, completed and signed. If you are a minor, the form must be signed by the legal representative.
  • The document that proves that you have health insurance .
  • Accreditation of acceptance in an authorized study center in Spain.
  • Regarding the financial requirements . You must prove that you have 100% of the monthly IPREM or, prove that you have paid all the accommodation in advance until the end of your stay in the country. If during your stay you have to support a family member monthly, 75% of the IPREM must be accredited for the first family member and 50% of the IPREM for each of the other people who accompany the applicant while they are studying.
  • When the stay for studies is longer than six months , the applicant must also provide a medical certificate and a criminal record certificate (if they are of legal age).
If your authorized stay lasts more than 6 months, you must personally apply for the Foreigner Identity Card within one month of effective entry into Spain.


To process it, you must go to the Police Station of the town where you reside.

A) If you live in Madrid, you must carry out the procedure at the Police Station. The process is simplified and begins by requesting an appointment through the website.

B) If you live outside of Madrid, you need to make an appointment at the Police Station in the town where you live.

Necessary documents and place of presentation

1. Original passport and photocopy
2. Student visa and Entry Authorization. Otherwise, you can present a photocopy of the plane ticket.
3. Acceptance letter from the Center where you are going to study
4. Certificate from the Center stating the details of the subject at the curricular level, including dates, duration, teaching hours and their distribution (minimum 6 months).
5. Certificate of Registration. This document is the official record of people living in Spain. To obtain it you can do it through this link where you will find all the information you need. It is a quick procedure and can be done the same day without the need for an appointment. How to obtain my Padrón brochure at the Madrid City Council.

To obtain the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE) you must complete an application. Here you can download the application form

You will find additional information on the page of the General Secretariat of Immigration and Emigration. More information

The card is valid for one year and is renewable if you continue your studies. The training to be completed must be linked to the training you started when you arrived in Spain. You can carry out the renewal process a maximum of 2 months in advance and, in any case, before it expires.


If you have to leave Spain and your card is in the process of being renewed, you can request an authorization that allows you to re-enter the country, provided that your card has already expired. This authorization allows you to leave and re-enter the country within 90 days.


Update (07/29/2013): The return authorization is only valid for direct entry into Spain. If you return through another country in the Schengen area (connecting flight), you must first check if you need a visa and process it before taking the flight. This authorization must be processed directly at the Police Station, by appointment:

The fees must be paid at the Police Station (the form is provided at the Police Station) when requesting the return authorization.

More information

If during your stay you have to carry out non-work internships in public or private entities that are part of the study plan for which the stay authorization was granted and that take place within the framework of collaboration agreements between said entities and UPF, you will not may It will be necessary for you to process some work authorization.


Outside of this case, if you want to combine studies and work (on your own or for someone else), you do need a work permit, with the following conditions:

  • The work schedule cannot coincide with the school schedule (part-time or full-time if it lasts a maximum of three months outside the school period).
  • The income obtained may not have the nature of a resource necessary for sustenance or stay, nor will it be considered within the framework of the extension of stay procedure.
  • The validity of the work authorization will coincide with the duration of the contract and may not exceed the duration of the stay authorization for studies.


More information about the necessary documents and the application procedure

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