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All about Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation:

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation was established in 1955 by Charles G. Greenshields, Q.C., of Montreal, remembering his mother, whose name is enshrined in the title.

The Foundation's mission is to encourage an appreciation of classical expression in painting, drawing, sculpture, and printing via charity activities by assisting deserving art students, artists, or sculptors who require further training or other support during their formative years.

So far, Foundation has given financial aid to over 1600 students and artists from 40 countries. Its grantees include well-known artists on a national and worldwide scale, as well as highly regarded art professors, instructors, and mentors.

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant:

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grants for Artists is one of platforms that provide students who are interested in aspects of art with chance to develop themselves in that sector and, in turn, contribute to progress of Canada and their nations.

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation award is one of the most famous and generous scholarships available to aspiring figurative artists. It is among the oldest, with a distinguished history of recipients dating back more than a half-century. It is also one-of-a-kind in its reach since it is open to students and artists worldwide.

Level of Education/Field of Study

This award is only available to students who have already enrolled in a postsecondary institution and are majoring in arts, design, or a related discipline.

Its grantees include nationally and globally recognized artists and highly regarded art professors, instructors, and mentors. Then they experimented with creating their field.

Nationality of the Guest

Without putting too much emphasis on it, this award has all hallmarks of a Canada grant written all over it. Because Charles G. Greenshields, Q.C. is a crystal citizen of Canada, this scholarship is hosted there.

Scholarship No.

The offer number in Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Scholarship 2022 is not specified. Its selection criteria are based only on merit and fulfillment of eligibility conditions.


The Foundation awards grants to artists who create in a representational manner of painting, drawing, sculpture, or printing, are in early or developing stages of their profession, and exhibit a dedication to making art a lifetime vocation.

Grant Possibility

An applicant who does not meet standards specified below is unable to apply for this award. Before using application portal, candidates should ensure that they have access to the availability of these conditions.

Applicants must be in the early or developing stages of their career, work in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture, or printing, and show a dedication to making their art a lifetime vocation. Applicants must be at least 18 years old when their application is submitted. Grantees who have met the terms and conditions of a previous grant from the Foundation may apply for a second or third.

Application Closing Date

Some Grants are only available for a single opportunity per year. Some of them also have deadlines in summer, fall, or winter.

The Foundation accepts applications all year; there is no deadline for applying.