Grand Central Atelier - a creator's studio

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Grand Central Atelier (GCA) was founded in the 1990s by a group of visionary artists who met in Jacob Collins' studio. They collaborated to develop an artistic sense and practice rooted in the Renaissance heritage.

This training gained momentum and GCA became an independent not-for-profit company (501c3) in 2014. They have a worldwide reputation as a leading venue for aspiring artists seeking a proper classical art education for the past four decades. We have developed an artist-in-residence program and gallery to assist this emerging generation of professional artists.

More than 500 students will pass through our studios this year, with 50 enrolled in our significantly selected four-year core program. This school has continually produced the world's most proficient painters, draftsmen and sculptors of modern realism under the leadership of Jacob Collins and the guidance of a team of committed artists. We are now the most recent link in a 600-year-old chain of artists exploring truth and beauty through first-hand observation of nature.

Online Classroom Pattern

General information about the online class:

  • To ensure the integrity of our high quality instruction, we maintain a relatively small number of online cl

    of relatively small number of online classes.

  • In addition to assessing student work, teachers speak and demonstrate in most of our online programs.
  • Students in most of our online programs can work on their class projects during class, but they will also need to spend some time outside of class working on assignments and applying lesson ideas.
  • Unless otherwise specified, each class has homework.
  • Each class is videotaped. Students have access to the recording for a brief period the following day.
  • The audit is only accessible for classes that have an audit option in the list. When there is no audit option for a class and students are unable to attend one or more categories live, most teachers will critique the work life of the students presented and students may view the recordings.

Online technology requirements:

  • The lesson will be delivered live online using the Zoom platform.
  • To provide resources, most classes use Google Classroom. For additional information, go here to watch a video.
  • Both programs are free, but registration is required.
  • Students will need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. A laptop or desktop computer is suggested.


Marian Gallardo