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What they say


Students, collaborators, staff...They are the ones who “suffer” us every day and they are the ones who can give you a pretty good idea of what it is like to study at MAA.

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Nerea Comino
Tomás Lucas
Anastasija Zajceva
Julia Cova
Lines Alcalá
Marta Qin
Carmen Basés
Alberto Mallo

Academic and Digital


Without technical training you are at the mercy of your ability and talent. And make no mistake, wherever you are, you will always want more. With good technical training, what you depend on is your motivation, the hours you dedicate to practice and of your ability / talent will help you, in some ceses, to go more or less quickly. It’s as simple as understanding first and then practicing and practicing and practicing.


Concept Art: Design & Storytelling

Monday to Friday (9am-2pm or 3pm-8pm) 25h/week
50% Digital – 50% Academic


Drawing, Painting and Sculpture Program

Monday to Friday (9am-2pm or 3pm-8pm) 25h/week
40% Painting – 40% Drawing – 20% Sculpture
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Dedication, Motivation and Empathy


“I like that teachers comment, not only what is done in the academy, but what they do outside, the paintings they do personally, the processes… that they speak to you beyond the drawings and paintings, that they speak to you of the life as artists, how they see it. It is super interesting because they are now paving the way and it gives you clues as to how you can do it in the future…”


“Yes, it shows. When I get home and I see old drawings that I used to do and I see them now… oh my! And in such a short time. I have been here for 3 months and 2 weeks and I ask myself, how have I been able to learn so much in such a short time?…”


Sandra Glez
Founder, CEO
Sandra Glez
BA in Psychology. MBA, Master in Digital Marketing and Master in HR. Studied at Charles Cecil, BAA, Amaya Gurpide and Jordan Sokol Atelier and Sarum Studio.
Comparative Measurement Teacher
Jared Guerra
Russian Method Teacher
Ann Tsybina
Digital Program Teacher
Nerea Comino
Sight size & Sculpture Teacher
Manel Varela
Comparative Measurement Teacher
Carles Belda
Assisstant Tacher
Guillem Aznar

This will be your diploma

Although you will have your diploma at the end of your studies, the most important thing will be your portfolio. Your work will be your best cover letter.

*MAA is a school registered in the Art Renewal Center (an American association in charge of promoting professional academic education) so when you finish your studies, you will receive your own diploma, with the seal of the Madrid Academy of Art and that of Art Renewal Center.

Teachers & Student Artwork


Academic Painting
Russian Drawing
Russian method Painting
Academic drawing
Jared Guerra Drawing
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Russian contraposto drawing
Portrait Academic Drawing
Russian Portrait Painting
Sculpting Figure Manel
Sculpting Figure
Sculpting torso

This program is not for everyone, but what really matters is...


This is the most important section of this page that is why our students have written these paragraphs based on thei experience at MAA.

“I would recommend the program, but not to everyone. PBecause I think it’s a lot of work, a lot of time and it’s also money. I would only recommend it to people who are passionate about something. Because otherwise it is wasting it, if you go with the intention of spending time, well, you have many other places to do it…”


“I would recommend it to someone who is very clear that they want to dedicate themselves to this, to be an artist, painter, sculptor… and to people of Fine Arts who like technique…”



“I would not recommend it to anyone because you have to really like figuration, portraiture, everything that is the human being and be willing to be taught. There are people who don’t pay attention. They are people who do not like the human figure, for example, and prefer to combine colors in a landscape, they have fun with it and they are not interested in anything else…”


“There are people who have so much fun that they don’t want someone else to be involved in that process. Because in the end, if you let yourself be guided by another person, sometimes it is not a fun thing. It is not: “how beautiful this painting has been!”. That process is a lot of suffering too and not everyone would be willing…”


“I know people who also like art, obviously friends of mine, but I think it wouldn’t work for everyone. It all depends on how you approach art. There are people who just like art as a way to blow off steam or relax. A friend of mine, for example, tells me: “I really like painting because I relax a lot”. And I say to him: “And how do you relax?” (laughing)… “but it’s a pain” (keep laughing) “I don’t get this part, review it, do it again…”


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Personalization, personalization and personalization


You start with simple exercises that we progressively complicate. The main objective isthat you learn, at your own pace, the basic concepts and how to apply them.


“I like one thing about the school that I haven’t found before. Have a clear methodology. Because what I have found so far is spending a lot of time on an activity in which you do not notice that you are making progress. You can be there for years and years and you don’t advance. I have met people who have spent more than 20 years painting photographs and in the end they don’t know how to do anything else. It leads nowhere…”


Coffee break between sessions with Tyler Moore on piano

“There is a clear methodology. They know where you want to go. They know how to guide you there. It is very personalized and that is always appreciated. It is not a typical academy where they teach you four things and have a group level. They care about you, personally, that you reach the level of perfection that you are looking for and that you need…”



"The time you dedicate to it is to achieve a goal that they have clear. And if you have fulfilled it and you have fulfilled it well, because they are very demanding, a door opens to the next phase. Then you see that you are moving towards something…”


“They teach you a lot to focus on a goal. To break your limits, to have patience, to have humility to learn from others, so that others can teach you. And all of these are fundamental personal qualities in life. Very satisfying for me on a personal level, finally having found this place to fully develop myself…”


It is a 100% practical method. Most of your time is spent in front of your easel. Doing different exercises. Practice is really important. Just as a musician educates his ear, we are going to educate your eyes first and then teach your hand to obey.


In each session the teacher gives you feedback and/or practical demonstrations on the exercise you are working on. The idea is to show you the errors and how to improve them, as well as explore possible solutions with you. Plural solutions. Because each problem does not have a unique way to be solved. As you can imagine, seeing the different options will allow you greater flexibility when working.


“I like communication with the teacher. I think they adapt well to the student. Not only at their level, but how they address the student. From my experience, they arrive, they go well with what they tell you. I get home and listen to the teacher in my head repeating technical aspects to me. And I think that happens because they do it well. Because they are very flexible. Because they do not treat all students in the same way. Which is what has been happening to me all my life. And here they go at your own pace. Here is work and support…”



Growing your network


Because technique is not everything, it is important that you begin to get to know the world of art and that they begin to get to know you too. At MAA we have guest artists every month so you can start building your network and really understand what it means to be an artist.

Guillermo Lorca
Cesar Santos
Eloy Morales
Hollis Dunlap
Oliver Sin
José López Vergara
Coderch & Malavia
Irene Cuadrado
Natalia Segovia
Diana Buitrago
Carmen Mansilla

An option that is often used when you have no other options


Maybe yes. The Internet already provides more than enough information. But sometimes information alone is not enough. A structured methodology, teachers giving you personalized feedback, natural models, colleagues with whom to share experiences, artists making demos and answering your questions… Time in the academy beats at a different rhythm…

“I’m sure it’s more difficult because you’re going to make a lot more mistakes and it’s going to take longer to specify an address and a path, and you’re going to waste time and probably get somewhere, but you’re going to arrive later and more tired. . The MAA program is much more direct than anything else I can find right now…”



“Because of my way of being self-demanding, I went looking for a bit of that knowledge that I lacked and dedicated time to it. What’s up? That one is aware that when you dedicate time to something certain, there are things that you like more than others and I lacked that discipline and I left things aside. It was easier to draw pictures while watching TV because it is less tiring, on the one hand, it has its advantages, but on the other, its drawbacks…”



“Until a certain point. When you find a limit. Like the conversation I had with Paulo (MAA teacher) the other day. He told me: “I see that you are reaching a limit and you say, well this is it, and what I do is push you further, against that limit so that you cross it”. I think that you need someone to do it, you are not going to do it. When they teach you what is logical, what is the path, you already know that it is there…”



“The self-taught option is viable depending a little on your way of being. I think that if you are demanding with yourself it is a good tool. Only that all human beings tend to the comfortable. I myself, for example, was hitting me like blows. I started with painting, I realized that I wasn’t going that way. I went back and resumed drawing. I went much further back, until I started at the beginning, because I understood that it was a process that started from one place and you couldn’t start halfway…”


Analyze and check all important schools because this is an important decision


That is a good question. The step you are going to take involves a considerable investment of time and money. I recommend you check other academies to make sure that this is really your academy. That said, here are some testimonials from our students and their experiences in other academies (which may or may not coincide with yours)

“Normally in the academies they do not give the importance to the drawing that it deserves. Broadly speaking, I have found training centers where people went more to meet other people, to hang out, to develop that hobby, to do something successful, beautiful, that they could teach their friends. But they didn’t have that restlessness or that hunger to perfect themselves, this academy focused more on not frustrating people too much and not losing extra income…”



“In the academy where I was, I told them about the possibility of taking models to work from life. And they told me that if they began to bring models to paint from life, the students would get frustrated, they would not want to continue and they would want to leave…”



“At the painting level, they were based on copying photographs, one after another. It also limited your own creativity. Because it gave me the feeling that they taught you how to fly, but without ever taking off, always on the runway. So I wanted to take off. When do we take off? When do you teach me to develop my creativity, my imagination, to do something without limits? If I imagine a scene from a certain place, through a composition, I can do it. Whether it’s because of the knowledge of anatomy, drawing itself, even models, sculpture, anything that doesn’t limit you. It always seemed very rare to me…”


Our students give you their opinion


“It’s a lot of money and obviously not everyone can afford it. And I feel quite privileged to be able to pay for it and thus be able to maintain a normal life, without luxuries, but normal. And it’s not expensive. The service as such, the new facilities, the hours you can have a day with a model, if you attend in the morning and in the afternoon… You can’t find that anywhere. You can find similar things, but not everything in one place, it’s not expensive, I think it’s very good…”


Eloy morales 3

“I need to work to pay for this and apart from taking a lot of time from where I can to be able to come. And dedicating all that time to it is not easy. As I have a personal situation where I don’t have children, that makes it easier for me to be able to dedicate time to this…”


Eloy Morales

“Depends on what is expensive for you, indeed it is expensive, but if you really have a dream… how expensive is it to fulfill it? For example, there are people who pay a lot of money for a home that is not going to give them as much satisfaction as the time one spends here drawing, painting, sculpting, it depends on your preference, on what makes you happy…”


“It requires you to have some savings, to have an economic cushion, even if you need to leave your job for a while to be able to support yourself with those savings. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it because it’s not money wasted by the academy. Because they do care about the training of people, about the teachers they bring, about the facilities, it is something serious and professionalism has to be paid for…”


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